Tuesday, 10 August 2010

From The Extravagant To The Priceless

Bonsoir mes croquettes chinoises exubérantes...

Okay, we are gonna take a look at some of the most extravagent and exaggerated food from around the globe!  Lets see if your calorific content calculator adds up these morsels before warping its electronic brain!

We got out to eat...one because we have to and two, because we crave indulgence!  We do!  Fact of life.  We eat to survive but we also eat to stimulate the senses and soak up exuberance!

First lets start with the 15lb Burger written about by my fellow writer, Katharine Shilcutt of 'she eats' fame, in the Houston Press.  What a mouthful that is!  Everything a respectful fast food junkie could want!

This is the biggest, commercial pizza you can currently buy.  Rounding off at 52 inches, it is made at Mama Maria's Authentic Italian Restaurant based in Bacolod City, Philippines.  Go join their Facebook group and support this ever expanding Pizza Franchise.

Now for the most expensive Ice cream Sundae on the planet...The Grand Opulence Sundae is made at Serendipity 3 in New York.  This wonderful extravagant dessert looks as good as Liberace, but will probably taste better.  Made from some of the finest ingredients the World has to offer...Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, chunks of rare Chuao chocolate, Grand Passion dessert caviar and 24K edible Swiss gold leaf to name but a few.  They require 48 hours notice to prepare and create this sublime dish.  The price tag?  $1000.00.  Start saving people!

Most people like a curry.  Maybe a Jalfrezi, Korma or even a Vindaloo will grace your plates at home while watching a film of even the football.

Samundari Khazana (Seafood Treasure) was created by the Chef at the Bombay Brasserie in London.  Filled with some of the most expensive and glorious ingredients, it is truly a wonder.  Devon crab, Beluga Caviar, white truffles and Scottish Lobster coated with edible gold leaf are amongst the delicacies used to create the most expensive curry ever known.  Price tag?  £2000.00!

Love chocolate?  Then you will love this..the largest Chocolate Fountain in the World!  Housed at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, this wonder took 2 years to engineer, design and plan.  White, Dark and Milk Chocolates cascade 14 feet from spouts in the ceiling and fill a variety of hand made glass vessels.  This colossal fountain shifts around 2 tons of chocolate kept at a constant temperature of 120 degrees.

And finally, just to prove priceless doesn't mean expensive, Baked Rice Pudding!  My Mum's was the best.  Yep, we joked about the bowl slipping from her fingers, crashing through the floorboards (irrelevant it had to get though thick pile carpet) and ending up somewhere on the other side of the earth's core but when we scooped it out of that 1970's glass bowl...pure heaven served up with Elmlea single cream and strawberry jam...Thanks Mum!

So there you have it...a cop out post from your irregular Culinary Crank!  Time is of the essence and I have very little currently.  So lets skip forward to the News...


Time for a look to my 'Beyond The Hotplate ' Section.  We have a few additions my Culinary Codpieces.

First we have Chef Crush.  A delightful site run by The Crush Girls who whole heartedly believe that cooking makes you sexy!  Can't disagree there...nor would I want to.  Give them a visit and nominate your favourite good looking Chefs who can cook.  (No I'm not on there...Yet!)

Second we have Grumpy Old Bloggers.  A site dedicated to all things grumpy! Some great insights into what makes others grumpy and what winds them up so much they just have to write it down and get on that web-based pedestal.  Go Grumpy People!

There is one more addition to the section which is purely because I believe this collective has seen the future.  The Supper Liberation Front is a group of  Los Angeles based Chefs who believe that the price tag of an exquisite and expensive meal should be available to all at the right price without cutting back on quality, time or effort!  Give them your support and if you can, visit their next gastronomic evening!  You got my vote Chefs!

On that revolutionary note...

Jusqu'à la fois prochaine…


Truffle Hunter said...

white truffles in curry, that is murder !!

Grumpy Chef said...

Yep Truffle Hunter...sheer mutilation of a luxurious ingredient! Love the website!

Anonymous said...

Yep everybody's Mum made the best something or other. My Mum made awesome soup. fantastic apple crumble, and my Dad made mind blowing curry. Some of this stuff makes my mouth water but you still crave the family favourites love the site Grummpyoldbloggers.

Grumpy Chef said...

Thats right, Grumpy Old Bloggers, can't beat the Family Favourites...Priceless