Monday, 24 March 2008

Under Construction......

Buen día mis bollos pegajosos!

Snow, Snow everywhere......but not enough to throw a snowball at the MET office! I hope you are all fine and keeping toasty with lashings of whiskey, hot chocolate and deep fried icecream (yes, it is possible!). Despite the constant warnings of a freak and potentially life threatening snow storm in Cheshire reverberating around my kitchen from the transistor radio today (stereo or hi-fi for all you younger ones out there), the smattering of white particles that drifted from the sky earlier could only have been described as "God brushing the dandruff from his brand new Lyle and Scott argyle sweater before taking in a round with Jack Frost and the Loch Ness Monster". In many other parts of the country, quite possibly your hometown, vast amounts of snow have been tumbling from the sky knocking out motorways, railways and also grounding a large amount of air traffic. Although the Weathermen do seem to get it right 99.9% of the time, they obviously have a satellite that misses Cheshire out and have to guess roughly what the weather will be. I must say though, I now have a great tan as no one came into the restaurant today, they were told to stay home because of the snow!

Yet, I am now digressing from the purpose of this post. As you may well have guessed, there appear to be a few changes on the site and I am urging you all not to panic, stock up on provisions, do not venture outside (unless you have run out of Martini Bianco and Glace Cherries) and keep wrapped up nice and warm. Please bare with me as I am working (mainly at night/early hours of the morning) on a different layout and style for the blog, making it more pleasing to the eye, more accessible and easier to use for the over 60s (you know who you are!).

I thank you in advance for your patience and promise it will not be too long before I am delving into the catering underworld again. Meanwhile, remember to visit my sister site, The Chefs Prayer, new recipe within the next few days, April will soon be upon us so keep your eyes peeled on the 'In Season' section and keep checking back here for visual and written updates.

Adiós mis popsicles queridos.


welbeck said...

nice car!

TheGrumpyChef said...

thank you welbeck, but the car will be going soon as i am working on the new image for the site. keep your eyes peeled and your lids glued wide open.

welbeck said...

Thats better. It was alright as it was. If it aint broke/dont fix it. Nice one !